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04.05.2018 M. A... (Sweden) Pepper jet "Standard" OC and "Super" OC

04.05.2018 E. V... (UK) 5xpepper spray "Lighter"

03.05.2018 H. J... (Malta) 2xDefense spray "Man" CS

03.05.2018 H. G... (Ireland) 2xPepper spray "Standard" OC

03.05.2018 S. K... (Ireland) Pepper jet "Man" + "Lady" OC

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What is PepperSprayShop.eu e-shop? 

Peppersprayshop.eu e-shop offers products that are more affordable to you than the aforementioned high technology or personal bodyguard. You must simply find more necessary and the most suitable device and purchase it from our e-shop. Having purchased self-defence device, think calmly how would you act in one or another situation, how would you use this self-defence device. Play through those situations. If the situation where you will be faced with an insolent scoundrel or attacking dog should arise, then you already know how to act in such situations. As the saying goes - train hard, fight easy. 

We offer:
- high quality product (TW1000, made in Germany)
- discreet packaging
- fast shipping (within 2 work days)

Within five years of operation, we have sold our products to the following countries:

Finland (more than 620), 
Sweden (more than 220), 
Denmark (more than 190), 
Italy (more than 110), 
England (more than 340), 
Ireland (more than 380), 
Greece (more than 80), 
Malta (more than 150), 
Netherlands (more than 90), 
Estonia (more than 750), 
Spain (more than 230), 
Portugal (more than 70), 
France (more than 70), 
Slovenia (more than 70),

Belgium (more than 180), 
Cyprus, Scotland, Slovakia, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro. 

We will send the goods only to EU countries.

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